Each one, Teach one

And let some leach some

If welfare keeps them alive

Deep sons reason

To speak of treason

If the devil governs our lives

Bleak long seasons

No heat on freezing

While politicians split up our pie

We keep on breathin’

And keep on grievin’

Over their drugs is why we die

These heathens are needing

Our hearts for feeding

Their sharp tongue are their knives

While we’re dreamin’ we’re bleeding

In the dark While they’re leading

We must sleep for them to survive

to all the men teach your women

to think for themselves

so they can teach our children

to rise from this hell

teach them to monitor 

the masters of this game

so we can try and stop our kids

from selling cocain

or snorting it

and parents please

dont think about aborting it

what you think is the truth are lies

they are masters at distorting it

teach our children to see

so they can begin reporting it

teach it to others

and maybe we’ll have a militia

but none of this can happen

if we leave our pregnant sistas

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i have to get this shirt

i have to get this shirt

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this is very sad. i hate mean ppl

anon: ur ugly
blogger: ur anon ur opinions don't matter!!!
blogger then secretly cuts self and cries self to sleep
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sometimes i wonder.  ROFL!  hahaha!  

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lol this is funny lmao

lol this is funny lmao

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